Nick Mason

As the drummer of the group, I am tasked with learning Nick’s parts. i purchased an entire new setup of Paiste 2002’s to help me with this, as well as a Ludwig LM402 snare to get that Floydian WHOMP.

Let me tell ya, his playing is much, much more complicated than it gets credit for.

As Billy Cobham has said, it is harder for him to play at a medium tempo than at a very slow or a rapid tempo. Mason can pull this off, and from what I’ve seen, can do it with a nice consistency. He might not be able to flash away with huge fills and monster chops, but it is not the point to the music at all to be playing that way. His creativity is in the cracks and shadows of the music, in the fills and accompaniment to the vocals and guitar.

Which is how it should be. Like many other great English drummers, perhaps British only, he is very creative and in some ways, a total genius at creating patterns and fills that no one with serious formal training or other influences would ever think of.

I can’t see Dave Weckl coming up with the outro fills in Sheep, he would feel the need to add unnecessary Weckl-ish frilly stuff.

Unfortunately, on some boots I have heard, Mason seemingly tries to adopt a more drumistic stance and it doesn’t come off all that well.

Here are a few links of interest for checking out more on Nick Mason.

Pink Floyd – Animals Drum sounds at Pro Sound Web

Forum topic on Nick at Paste Only

And an EOPF link for your enjoyment.

Pigs on the Wing 2 live


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