Cool pdf describing Richard Wright’s gear setup

I was doing some research into the synths used on WYWH and went to Vintage Synth to take a look around, it’s one of the best, most thorough synth sites on the web. I found this pdf of Wright’s rigs throughout the years that someone took some time to put together. Drool worthy, for sure.


This video is a pleasure to watch. Wine glasses on stage…that’s playing on the edge. What would happen if someone caught on the of the glasses oddly and it crashed the entire table full? Maybe those are glued to the table. They have to trust that the crew put everything together correctly.

Putting on a great, fantastic live performance, like The Floyd, like David Gilmour, The Who, Rush, Yes, Cirque Du Soleil…it is NOT EASY…AT ALL. You can do great things at your own office job or whatnot, have healthcare, benefits, vacation…if you’re in the business of constructing a live show, there is none of that, for the most part, and there is the looming specter of the next day of work based upon the previous day’s result. The “knife edge” is attractive to some people, and some are just adrenaline junkies.

There is such a responsibility for each individual that was involved in setting the show up, from the smallest bit to the largest, for when the curtain opens that they did their part correctly and to a very high standard and that there is no failure anywhere in their setup. The little hidden things are what create the magic of the show. Like gluing wine glasses to a table…


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