More of Dave Gilmour as complementary sideman.

Ok, that wasn’t Dave, but a send up of Michael McDonald…brilliant. I’ll let the reader figure out why I put that there…Phil Collins, Dave…they seemed to be on everyfreakingthing…nothing wrong with it!!!

Dave and the marvelous Seal, and the facial stuff…

Bowie, singing, Bowie.

Daltrey, Gilmour…The Who.

Dave and Murder, LOVE this tune.  I can still hear it as if it were coming out of the radio in my car…it’s one of the few songs that sound like that to me, that trigger that memory. God, it was on Pittsburgh radio constantly when it came out. But it has a great drum track, and the bass solo, tremendously moving. This video is from a killer live concert I can remember catching on MTV a looong time ago. Chris Slade laying down the slamming drums, ex Manfred Mann, went on to The Firm, ACDC…


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