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Floydian Slip, new CD from the Sundogs (Gary Novak)

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I’m picking this up soon, too cool. Novak kills, and Dave Carpenter (RIP) as one helluva bass player.

sundogs: Gary Novak, Drums & Percussion – Deron Johnson, Rhodes & Warlitzer – Dave Carpenter, Accoustic & Electric Bass


Some killer soloing from Steve Smith (Journey)

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Play the QT vid from Drummerlive, he’s got a level of mastery of the instrument, the technique and attitude, that is about as high as anyone in the world. That’s a strong statement, but it fits. Making it look easy is hard, and then giving the person watching and listening the opportunity to peel apart the performance like an onion is harder still. Tony Williams’ playing was like that, for the most part, the same can be said of Neil Peart.

Blue Tractor Microbrewery in AA

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Will be hitting this next week, looking forward to sampling the wares of another Michigan microbrewery

UPDATE: didn’t go, read waaaay too many horror stories on the web, and my friend from Maine, who I was going to go to BT With heard horror stories as well. So went to the Heidelberg instead.

Tron legacy…

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I have the 82 Tron on DVD, love the movie despite what people say, I can remember the graphics as very cutting edge, and HARD to do, that stuff was not easy then. Wendy Carlos’ score is incredible. I dumped many, many quarters into the coin-op Tron at The Machine Shop in South Hills Village in USC, I have Tron 2.0 the game, it is astounding visually, a bit monotonous gameplay-wise.

But this gets my mind going…what could this be like, with today’s video technology…

Dave G doing an acoustic SOYCD

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Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

He’s a genius.

The late Jeff Porcaro in the studio

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Jeff is the cat who played drums on the Wall, played on David Gilmour’s solo stuff, and was also a main creative force behind TOTO (I know, but.). Not only that, he was a session drummer for countless HUGE recordings, and at 17, was the house drummer for the Sonny and Cher show, back when TV shows had live bands doing the incidental music and things like that.

He had the best feel I have ever heard, and was simply solid all the time. The way he played the grooves he came up with and the way he played with authority is what he is remembered for, as well as his clean and crisp playing. So much good drumming from Jeff on many, many recordings.

The faces of the Price is Right

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Found this at Lileks, just too funny. I have a fondness for the 70’s, it’s when I grew up, when I learned stuff about things. People dressed funny, used tobacco as we modern sophisticates use vitamins and lozenges. Who knew that a cigarette would be good for you?

oh my GOD