Upcoming EOPF live shows

We’ve been busy lining up shows for the late summer/fall. The 3,000mW EOPF Laserium will be at every show, except the outdoor gig at Lugnut Stadium. It’s too big for outdoor performances!

EOPF crosses The Intersection in Grand Rapids
Friday, August 14th
The Intersection

EOPF plays a double header at Oldsmobile Park in downtown Lansing (after the Lugnuts game)
Thirsty Thursday! Bring your drinking face. No lasershow this night.
Thursday, August 27th

Pink Floyd Night at Lugnuts Stadium

EOPF packages it up and brings the cabbage to the Magic Bag in fabulous Ferndale
Friday, August 28th
The Magic Bag

EOPF orbits the Small Planet in Lansing, MSU homecoming weekend
Friday, October 16th
The Small Planet

EOPF rolls into Sandusky at the Norwalk Theatre
Saturday, Sept. 19th

Check our site to keep up with the news. We will be playing more places soon, with many different, interesting performances. We try not to play the same show twice!
EOPF home page


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