Fave places on the web.

Check these blogs and sites out if you dig synths, music, computer music, cool stuff, stuff you’ve never seen before, synths built in Central America, crazy synths, cool stuff that’s somewhat cutting edge…

I have one of these, but buyer beware, they do take a while to ship…a looooooooong while. But I got it, and I am very impressed, it is a great synth, very unique sounding, portable, sturdy and weird looking.


This one always has something interesting and current, it is updated very frequently, and is a ok source for finding ebay synths. They end up being priced so freaking high, it’s not quite worth it, it’s better to dig around craigslist…


Another interesting blog with different postings that explore pretty hardcore synth subjects and other tech.


Software “manufacturer” of pretty wild bit mungers, he has some interesting takes on music too.

Like this one, for instance…

Do it right or not at all


AH! One more good one! It’s filled with weirdness.


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