George Taylor Morris RIP

The Dark Side of Oz, GTM was involved…I didn’t believe it to be quite true, but there are uncanny coincidences between the movie and record that really blow your mind. We have had people come up to us and say the same thing, they had no idea.

We will be performing this sometime soon, don’t miss it.

Watch it for yourself!

This is also cool, the Classic Album video on the making of DSOTM.

DSOTM video at VEOH

George Taylor Morris Obit

As the midday disc jockey at WZLX-FM in Boston in 1997, Mr. Morris got caught up in an Internet music phenomenon that purported to find a strange and mystical synchronicity between “The Wizard of Oz,” the 1939 film, and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” the 1973 rock album. Someone brought him a printout of a page from the Pink Floyd Web site listing more than 80 coincidences between the album and the movie when they are played simultaneously. “Brain Damage,” for example, plays as the Scarecrow sings “If I Only Had a Brain”; “Eclipse” ends with a heartbeat as Dorothy tries to hear a heartbeat in the Tin Man, and so on.


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