EOPF mp3s from the Intersection gig

Get them while they are scorchingly hot. Alex’s guitar, the Les Paul he used during Animals, sounds absolutely massive. It was just a pleasure to have that thing kicking me all the way through. Crowd could have been bigger, but we had some great enthusiasm from the ones in attendance and awesome dancers to watch.

The little skips were do to an errant soundguy foot unplugging Nick the K’s laptop and it going to battery. Apple…

Recording done by Nick the K, on his Apple computer, using a stereo feed from the board and piped into Reaper. I did a little massaging in Sound Forge, not much. Turn it up REALLY loud. REALLY REALLY LOUD. If the Box.net stuff is too clumsy, please let us know in the comments! It seems to be one of the better hosting sites out there.

Echoes of Pink Floyd, Live at the Intersection

Set 1

Pigs on the Wing/Dogs
Pigs on the Wing 2

Set 2

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Welcome to the Machine
Have a Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond


Careful With That Axe, Tom
Us and Them


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