Abandoned Russian nuclear lighthouse

Frightening, creepy…can’t believe someone went in the place!



Here is the island, Cape Aniva is at the bottom right tip.

They didn’t have Three Mile Island in there, with the giant cooling towers, or a large reactor, a smaller generator that used radioactivity as a heat source. A radioisotope thermoelectric generator, which turns heat into electrical energy. Apparently, the Russians used this model for many unmanned installations. Not unusual really, clever planners and project managers would always seek out solutions that required no accommodation for humans. It solves a problem to use renewable, long-lasting energy sources for a lighthouse, which doesn’t need a human being to run, but is critical that it exist. Turn it on and let it go.

I wouldn’t want to be the technician that has to maintain it, sure. When the heat source is not contained, it surely is radioactive and will cause ill health to human beings.

In the original post, I thought it was a unique structure, but now that I think about it and read more, it doesn’t seem so uncommon. It makes a lot of sense.



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