Some Crimson

Cuz I’m in the mood for some Bill Bruford and the Gang.

A nasty,nasty LTIA, turn it up loud.

the era of KC that I grew up with, early 80’s. Fresh and vibrant, influential amongst the musicians I knew. Very new music and attitudes, hard music to replicate with high school intruments, vanguard of music that these guys were..

As I was searching for KC, found this playlist. COOL!


The year I started high school, frightening times…

KC on a comedy show on the early 80’s, Friday’s. ABC late night show, sometimes funny, sometimes tried too hard but it was still much better than anything on SNL in the last 20 years. I have the entire show run on DVD. Hard to watch some of it, but Rich Hall was a funny ass guy. Michael Ricahrds got his tart on that show. Struck me then as a totally insane guy with a bizarre disjointed personality. I have no idea why he came up his humor, it’s post-modern, sort of. the King Crimson of tv comedians. He really went for weird.

When you have limitations, the resulting creative output is affected by these limitations. You can accept them and follow that path to the end result, or you can try to break free of them, with the result. Bruford’s kit is a good example, Fripp’s technology also. Belew, not a doubt that he pushed the limits. Levin, solid, but not called into creative battle with the other three very much.

Early Crim, with Jamie Muir and Wetoon.

Time to watch that playlist…

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  1. check out the “Eyes Wide Open” concert video too

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