Pink Floyd hasn’t ruled out being Rock Banded


G4 link: The Floyd on Rock Band

“I think we’d consider it,” he said. “I think everyone’s looking at new ways of selling the music because the business of selling records has almost disappeared.

BBC news on Rock Band

“I’m of the old guard who are really sad about that, because I always liked the concept of the album – rather than just cherry-picking tracks – and also the business of the art work that went with it.”

He added that any new material from Pink Floyd was “very unlikely”.

“We’re all still interested in the catalogue and trying to make the most of it, re-mastering when necessary, and looking at other things that we could do with it,” Mason added.

“I think we’re all still very proud of it – we do talk to each other occasionally.”

I played the Beatles version at Best Buy the other day. I still have not felt yet that I was playing real drums, the tempo of the song v the tempo of the “game” is not exactly accurate and makes it difficult, if not pointless, to try.

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