Magma is a progressive band from France (!) that is the progeny of Christian Vander.

I turn people onto them and sometimes they get it, other times, not really…its a hard music, aggressive, but then Vander will put together some absolutely stunning beautiful melodies. The lyrics are written in a language Vander created. Now, that is hard for people to accept, it’s off-putting, honestly. And I am not alone, I think, in hearing a sort of “charismatic dictator” stuff going on in some of his vocals. I don’t mind it, I am listening to the music, it creates a feeling in me like the feeling I get listen to Quadrophenia, ecstacy and happiness.

He’s a drummer, and a good one at that, although he’s lost a bit of his fastball as he ages. Happens. He was an absolute powerhouse in the 70’s.

From their Japan tour.

From 1978…

This is beautiful.


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