EOFP writeup in the Lansing State Journal

Recreating the music of Pink Floyd


Say you’re a fan of Pink Floyd’s trippy, psychedelic brand of rock? Then give Echoes of Pink Floyd a chance when they play Small Planet on Friday. You won’t regret it.

The Lansing- and Detroit-based group got its start in 2002 as the Surrogate Band. Now they’re called Echoes of Pink Floyd, and the mission is – what else? – to recreate the magic of Floyd’s classics.

“I love the challenge of dissecting the songs and the reward when we get it right, plus getting to watch people at our live shows enjoy them,” multi-instrumentalist Keith Billik said. “Most of their musical sections are not technically that difficult to play, but it’s all about the actual tones of the instruments and how the layered parts interact with each other.

“We are always striving to get our show even more authentic and entertaining.”

It’s no surprise that the guys – Billik, bass guitar player Tom Beller, guitarist Alex Gonzalez, keyboard player Mark King, percussionist Mike Lang and vocalists Jen Gonzalez and Shannon Carmichael – have developed a huge following.

“We know that Pink Floyd fans are everywhere, and it’s pretty safe to say that they will never have a chance to see a live Pink Floyd performance,” Billik said. “We are giving them this opportunity, and it is important that we don’t disappoint them.

“We get a lot of people who say, ‘when I closed my eyes I thought I was listening to the real thing,’ and that’s about the best compliment we could get.”

Billik thinks the appeal of Floyd’s music is that the themes are timeless.

” ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ one of the best selling albums ever, deals with the stresses of life such as money, thoughts about death, the feeling of time slipping away.” he said. “It’s really stuff that everyone deals with and therefore everyone can find a connection to it.

“I remember thinking in high school that Floyd was one of the only bands that almost all of your typical social cliques appreciated: the hippies, the metal heads, the hip-hop fans. They all liked Floyd, and that says a lot.”

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