Music DVD news

One of my favorite music concerts, a filming of a date on the Genesis MAMA tour of 84, is going to be bundled into something called The Movie Box, a boxset with a bundle of Genesis video. It’s mostly video from the 80s/90s.

I prefer the video from the earlier years, these moviemakers didn’t get infected with commercial and music video design and focused more on the performance, not their own little joys of using shocking new techniques of quick cutting. There have been some great concerts, great sounding concerts, absolutely destroyed by a film maker injecting himself into the conversation. Get out of the way! You serve the music! The musicians are there to create the content, not have the music turned into a film makers content. Viewers like to watch musicians, really.

Rant over…for the time being.

Some info on the release…November for us in the US.

It is unfortunately missing a ton of music. From wikipedia.

The only tracks that were not included on the video that were performed at the shows were the show’s opening track “Dodo/Lurker”, the “Eleventh Earl of Mar”/”The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”/”Firth Of Fifth/”The Musical Box” medley, “Follow You Follow Me”, “Los Endos” and “Misunderstanding”.

Second bit of news. A 1978 concert, with Barriemore Barlow, of a Jethro Tull show at MSG. It is a classic show with the classic Tull lineup. Barlow is one of the stars of the show (can’t have the drummer stealing the limelight however). It’s out now. I’m going to pick it up this afternoon, then pick up a few bottles of English Ale. I love this lineup of the band, very tight and powerful.

Amazon link

A sample.

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