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Interesting read on the ILDA ’09 winning lasershow

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Roger’s, of course. I was wondering how the prism was made, it’s all lasers, 100W worth.

That’s a lot of laser. Good read.




News roundup of The Wall 30th anniversary

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Various linkage, etc. Looks like Roger’s definitely going to do it!


Nick reflects, a reflective Nick.

“It was fun to play the shows,” Mason says, “because in some ways it was the pinnacle of a Floyd show. It was one of those moments where a rock show was taken to a different level. When Roger gets his Broadway [musical version of ‘The Wall’] done eventually, it could work really well. It does have quite a lot of the structure there already.”


Blog post giving Roger some stick.


Some info here, scroll down. There’s a ton of interesting stuff on the site as well.

Roger Waters & The Wall Here’s the news you have been waiting for. Roger’s Manager has been in touch to OFFICIALLY confirm that Roger is looking at touring The Wall in 2010 & 2011. Other sources have told us that currently 8 cities are penciled in, but going by past experience this could well be expanded at a later date. Keep tuned to A Fleeting Glimpse for all the tour news!


Nick discussing things The Wall with Danny Baker of the BBC.


In The Studio with Redbeard, a show discussing the events that take place while classic rock albums were being made, has been around for a very long time, it’s always a good listen. I’ve been listening to his radio show for as long as I have loved music. There is a very recent two-parter pertaining to The Wall.


A different sort of Wall.

The Wall now…

SNAKING ALONG, cutting through fields and streets, yards and gardens, the 28-mile-long Berlin Wall stood as a border between East and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989.

That all changed on Nov. 9, 1989, when an inexact translation, a confused border guard and a natural longing for a better life opened a hole in that wall that would eventually end the Cold War.

Moog Taurus bass pedals

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Man, I could use these, and I’m a drummer!

I love that spacey other-worldliness sound of the Moog oscillator. So weird…and powerful.

Phish vid from last night at Cobo

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Phish puts on a good show, eh? That is some serious lightpower.

Band sounds quite tight as well.

People getting a chance to play Neil Peart’s old kit

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Cool, due to work stuff, can’t be there to look at and possibly play a kit that the sound of which has been in my ears for years.

I like the way drums look, Neil seems to have also had a taste for the aesthetic of the drumset, shapes, sizes and contrasts.

Roger to play at Rothbury?

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Roger planning a DVD release.

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“Roger is working on a film of the TDSOTM [The Dark Side of the Moon] Live show but until it is finished there will be no release scheduled.”