A Simon Phillips roundup.

Simon with Jeff Skunk Baxter covering Steely Dan, leading into a drum solo…hoookay.

Simon with Pino Palladino and Phillipe Saisse plaiyng some crazy Return to Forever music.

The band is called PSP and these guys can obviously play some scary music, and make it feel good and groove.

A pretty sick recent drum cam of Simon.

And finally, a Doves of Fire bootleg. This is a band that covered fusion classics by Jeff Beck and Mahavishnu, with Simon and Steve Lukather on guitar, great stuff.

Download link

One Response to “A Simon Phillips roundup.”

  1. mrramon Says:

    Simon Phillips “Vigilante”

    After working and re-working the song on various European and Japanese stages, PSP (that is Simon Phillips – Philippe Saisse – Pino Palladino) sell “Vigilante” directly to their fans through the Getjuke platform.

    Lossless and iPod Friendly AAC formats + printable CD cover available at GetJuke


    Phillips . Saisse . Palladino on Facebook

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