Formula 5000

These short-lived cars were some of the most powerful, brutal, punishing race cars in the history of racing. Formula One with huge V8 engines slamming the ground with massive rear tires.

And they were fun! You really had to be brave to force one of those animals around, on those narrow tracks, no safety rails, no safety considerations…they were assaultingly fast.

Wow, the sounds those engines made, musical and maniacal.

This is cool, Sam Posey talking cars, which is always a very special treat.

Just sort of avoiding work…

The Audi Trans Am IMSA cars. Won everything in sight. Four wheel drive, a little heavy, but drove on rails.

Classic 80s industrial video making on display, much better than the hip hoppy rappy quick cutting distracting video that people produce nowadays. Classy, professional and mature, with respect for the subject, not disrespect and ignorance. It’s about the subject, not the method of production.

Rant off…


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