801 and 801 Live


This is a tremendous band, with Eno, Phil Manzanera (Roxy), Simon Phillips on kit, Francis Monkman on synths…

(I forgot to add that Phil is Dave Gilmour’s right hand man nowadays…)

I always enjoy listening to this record, it is on my ipod permanently, because I can always turn to it and give it some volume and get deep into it…the sound is amazing, a really great drum sound for a live show in 1976, not to mention the world-class performance.

Highly recommend this for any music fan. It’s instrumental music for the most part, but music consumers did appreciate live musicians playing well at one point…

For more on Francis Monkman…love that name…check this out. this used to get broadcast on cable in the 80s, ARTS before it became A&E I think. Not really great drumming from Tristan Fry, but not unpleasant music. It sounds like the 70s to me.


2 Responses to “801 and 801 Live”

  1. Monkman is great. I love Sky and have burnt out the soundtrack to “The Long Good Friday”.

    • I remember seeing a Sky concert on ARTS a long time ago, they caught my eye then. Not the greatest drummer in the world, however! :o)

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