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Fan vids from our recent shows.

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Thanks to the fans who took the time, and held their hands steady. From the Magic Bag show and the show at the Prime Event Center, Bay City MI.


Quite good Genesis tribute from the UK

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Check them out, I like their sound.

the Rockschool I remember…

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Just a groundbreaking show, and maybe a prisoner of the times, but this is the stuff I grew up on. I love it. Remember the past and how things were done is not a bad exercise. Doing the things we take for granted today back then was next to impossible and required some creativity. Nothing was built in China. Synths were pretty expensive, I don’t remember too many of my friends having anything more exotic than a crappy electronic piano of the Mattel Synsonics. Good entry level drumsets were still built poorly, and to step up required a pro level kit, which cost a lot of money.

So we looked at these shows as something quite special, which would today not have much novelty. That’s the way it is…I miss those times. This show was the first time I saw any footage of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. I knew who Billy was, but was not quite exposed to what he was about, and what he could do…

More vids from Rockschool.

Detroit Free Press runs a piece on EOPF (and PFX)

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Our show is this Saturday, don’t miss it! Their show 35 bucks, ours 10. We’re different bands, we tend to jam more and sound closer to 70’s Floyd and hard rock bands from that era while PFX takes it safe, everything is set in stone and there is no room for movement or changing things as the collective vibe of the band and crowd changes.

I prefer the way we play. I think a lot of people do.

The Trial, done Xtranormal.

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F1 blog

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I am a big fan of Formula One, it’s a passion of mine, and has been for years, since I was a boy. I do favor more older school cars and drivers, but the current crop is ok, better with the addition of one Michael Schumi…he makes it quite interesting. I just wish the FIA would stop being such micromanagers…I want to see Can Am rules, and none of the green posturing.

At any rate, a nice blog on F1 tech.

A few new Echoes of Pink Floyd videos

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EOPF will be at the Magic Bag this Saturday performing The Wall, angst and anger, pain…and loud Pink Floyd.

Should be a great show!

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