the Rockschool I remember…

Just a groundbreaking show, and maybe a prisoner of the times, but this is the stuff I grew up on. I love it. Remember the past and how things were done is not a bad exercise. Doing the things we take for granted today back then was next to impossible and required some creativity. Nothing was built in China. Synths were pretty expensive, I don’t remember too many of my friends having anything more exotic than a crappy electronic piano of the Mattel Synsonics. Good entry level drumsets were still built poorly, and to step up required a pro level kit, which cost a lot of money.

So we looked at these shows as something quite special, which would today not have much novelty. That’s the way it is…I miss those times. This show was the first time I saw any footage of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. I knew who Billy was, but was not quite exposed to what he was about, and what he could do…

More vids from Rockschool.


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