Rush news (an overload!)


I’m a huge Rush fan, as are a couple others in this band. Since 1982, I’ve seen the band 40-50 times, at least once on every tour, up and down the east coast and throughout the midwest. It’s always been something important to me, and the shows are routinely really great with a positive vibe from the audience, even in New Jersey. You can debate the merits of having a locked down show that is somewhat choreographed versus a more freewheeling performance, but the energy is always pretty good and the production values. I think it comes from confidence in the show, but there is no other way to do it with the sheer size of their production. It’s not a show at the corner bar.

They are doing a short tour this summer, playing the entire Moving Pictures recording, and that means THE CAMERA EYE. YES!!!

And other cool news, both MP and 2112 are getting the Classic Albums treatment, which is interviews with the band and engineers and producers about the production of the recordings. Should be a great behind the scenes look at those albums. Fascinating stuff, for sure.

There is also a documentary out about the band, not on DVD yet, but it will be…



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