About Echoes of Pink Floyd

For booking contact Alex Gonzalez, alex@pinkfloydtributeband.net

With Pink Floyd absent in the live music scene, five musicians from Michigan have risen to fill the void. They joined forces in 2003 to form Echoes of Pink Floyd – Americas Most Authentic Pink Floyd Show. Their devotion to the music of Pink Floyd has resulted in countless hours spent recreating the live experience of the legendary rock band.

Echoes of Pink Floyd is not the only group inspired enough to do this kind of musical project. Far from it! What does set them apart is the amazing detail with which they perform the music. Guitar tones, drum fills, vocal harmonies, keyboard layers, female backup singers, and impeccably recreated sound effects: all of these are intensely studied and rehearsed in order to bring the listener exactly what they came to hear. Even the most hard core Pink Floyd fanatics are blown away by the meticulous attention to detail!

Every time Echoes of Pink Floyd takes the stage, they are contributing to a legacy. This is not a responsibility they take lightly, for they are playing music that has sold (and continues to sell) millions of albums worldwide and inspires multiple generations of music lovers to this very day! Echoes of Pink Floyd will show you why.

EOPF is:

Alex Gonzalez – Vocals, Guitars
Mark King – Vocals, Keyboards
Tom Beller – Bass, Vocals
Keith Billik – Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Sax, SFX
Michael Lang – Drums, percussion

Jen Johnston – Backing Vocals
Shannon Carmichael – Backing Vocals


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